This Drake sweater is what ugly Christmas sweater dreams are made of

We’ve found the ugly Christmas sweater of all ugly Christmas sweaters, except hold the ugly: This sweater is all things cool. Wicked Custom Apparel created a Christmas sweater featuring Drake, and we want to have it.

If you’ve been frequenting the Internet lately, you’ve probably seen Drake busting moves in his “Hotline Bling” video, where he dances alone in a box for pretty much the entire time. Or perhaps you’ve just seen the meme or GIF parodying his moves. Or perhaps one of the millions of memes or GIFS parodying his moves.

Here’s a non-parody version:

And here are a couple of parodies, just so you can completely get on board with the Christmas sweater we’re about to show you:

Drake making pizza

Drake chopping fruit, probably for a smoothie

Ok, you get it now. So here’s the sweater we’re kind of obsessing over, because it’s just perfect:

Or this one in red:

Perfection, right?

We’re obviously not the only ones super pumped about the Drake sweater:

It can be ordered on Amazon for $24.98 plus free shipping, and it comes in black, red, white, and ash gray.

You’re not guaranteed to be able to dance like Drake if you wear this sweater, but you’re also not not guaranteed either. Because there’s a strong chance this sweater is magic. It’s a Christmas sweater, after all.

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