Drake just got another tattoo and even though this one doesn’t match Rihanna’s it’s still pretty cool

After finding out that Rihanna and Drake have matching shark tattoos, we were a little emotional. Okay, FINE, you caught us. We were a LOT emotional. And although camo shark tattoos are kinda badass, the sentiment behind them made it such an incredibly sweet gesture. But this time, because Drake and Rihanna are reportedly just friends right now, when Drake revisited the tattoo parlor, he went alone. And the former Degrassi star, who we tend to think of as generally a sweet dude, went for something a liiiiittle edgier.

Drake’s newest tattoo is a skull. Super tough and manly. It’s also on fire. AND it says “unruly” underneath the skull.

Does anybody else want to just be like, “We get it, Drake. WE GET IT.”

Dr. Woo, the tattoo artist who shared the pic on Instagram, recently tattooed a snake on the back of Cara Delevingne’s hand, so apparently, he’s the new go-to for celebrities looking for some badass symbology to add to their tatt collection.

We totally respect that tattoos are something deeply personal — the flaming skull might mean something important to Drake, or it might just be a design that brings him joy. Either way, we totally respect his decision, but like…

We’re still laughing a little bit. With love.

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