Mandatory 15 minute break: Watch Drake’s short film about his life

Forget surprise albums — it’s all about the surprise film! Yesterday, Drake shared an intimate, 14-minute film on his website called “Jungle”. Directed by Karim Huu Do, the film seems to be Drake’s personal commentary on fame and the identity conflicts that often accompany it.

The video, which begins on a dark, winding road in Los Angeles, ends in Drake’s old stomping grounds of Toronto. Overpowered by stormy skies and pensive moments, the film is mostly somber, save for a few seconds of levity. There are joyous intercuts of at-home video footage throughout, one of which includes an adorable, four-eyed baby Drake reciting verses from the Fugees’ hit, “Read or Not” (definitely a must-watch moment).

The mostly-silent film was delicately scored by Drake’s longtime collaborator, Noah “40” Shebib. The film also includes a few surprise snippets of never-before heard songs from Drake. Pretty exciting!

Now, the question is, does he plan on releasing a sequel? Perhaps a series? Either way, you’ve got our attention, Drake. false