Drake has his own search engine ‘Let Me Drake That For You,’ so that’s pretty awesome

If you ever felt like Google is SO 2014, let us introduce you to the newest search engine: Let Me Drake That For You, created by Tyler Smith, a web developer. LMDTFY, according to Forbes, works exactly like Google, except that it “finds results that are tied back to the rapper, no matter what you search for.” So everything you look for, think about, want to know, will be Drake on Drake on Drake.

Which is kind of amazing on every single level, maybe because we feel emotionally invested in Drake’s journey to stardom (he started from the bottom, now he’s here!). We loved Drake in Degrassi, and we loved watching Drake go from his 2010 album Thank Me Later to his much talked about iTunes album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which came out February. It really only makes sense Drake has his own search engine. Plus —Drake is just a very cute, dapper human, who is just naturally searchable on the Internet.

So, I wanted to try out this Drake “Google” and see if Drake news and information really does come up every time you search any given subject.

Here’s what happened when I searched “pineapple”:

Results: Most different versions for “Diced Pineapples” featuring Drake. It’s important to note that Drake tunes play while you search away.

What happened when I searched “feminism”:

Results: A lot of articles and blog posts about why Drake is a stand-up dude. But we already knew that.

When I searched “Game of Thrones”:

Results: A few articles about Game of Thrones and Drake exist, apparently. “Drake Compares Himself To ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Killer Lyrics” is the most popular via Mashable.

And lastly (and maybe most importantly), here’s what happened when I searched “What if I don’t like plain water”:

Results: Very inconclusive. Drake might not have as complicated of a relationship with water as I do, though. And that’s okay.

Images via Let Me Drake That For You, Mashable