Drake rapped about drunk texting J.Lo, and we’re *so* not shocked by this

Sometimes life hits you with something you totally didn’t see coming — that’s not what happened to us in the case of Drake rapping about drunk texting J. Lo. Given the ongoing speculation about the nature of Drake and Lopez’s relationship over the past few months, we’re not exactly shocked by this confession in song form, but we are extremely intrigued.

As Glamour reports, this candid lyric is included on a track called “Smoke Free,” the first off Drake’s newest release More Life, in which he raps, “I drunk text J.Lo / Old numbers so I bounce back / Boy Wonder gotta bounce back.”

Oof, sounds like full-fledged rebound mode, no?

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While there are plenty of noteworthy moments on More Life, we’d be lying if we said we cared about ANY OF THOSE more than this sort of-kind of admission that Lopez and Drake did more than make music together.

To be fair, we could totally play devil’s advocate and say Drake and Lopez were just friends and this drunk text was his attempt to get his platonic bestie J. Lo’s opinion one of his songs, but that was until we discovered that Champagne Papi borrowed an entire chorus from from Lopez’s “If You Had My Love,” for another More Life track titled “Teenage Fever.”

Hmmm…We think we’re putting up what Drake is putting down, but who knows? While we’re losing sleep trying to decipher precisely WTF is going on here, Drake could be massively trolling us all, so until we see some screenshots, this J. Lo sitch will have to remain in the unsolved dating mysteries category.

Confusing yes, but at least we get some more great music of it, right?