Drake walked into a McDonald’s and gave two female employees $10,000 in cash

We’re forever here for a feel-good celebrity tipping story. Famous people tend to have money to spare, and when they decide to tip a server or a restaurant employee with a fat bundle of cash, it’s a nice reminder that there’s some good left in the world. Drake just gave $20,000 in cash to two McDonald’s employees, and it’s like IRL “God’s Plan.” On January 26th, 2019, a USC student saw Drake at a Los Angeles-area McDonald’s, so he tweeted about it, as one does. Then, Drake—flanked by two bodyguards—gave the two female employees on duty $10,000 each in cash.

"Just saw Drake in McDonald’s... crazy And he gave two female employees $10,000 each... in cash," read the original tweets.

Drake later shared an Instagram post from the night, confirming he was indeed at the D’s.

Surprisingly, the tweets have not gone viral, making it hard to track down the two women who received the cash. Back in 2013, TMZ reported how Drake famously dropped $50,000 in a single night at a strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is another amazing gift. Last year for his “God’s Plan” video, Drake walked around Miami and gave out nearly a million dollars (the video’s original budget) in cash to those in need.

Not only is Drake historically generous with his cash, he’s also a big McDonald’s fan. TMZ reported back in October 2018 that Drake showed up to his own after-party in Los Angeles with enough bags of McDonald’s to feed the entire club.

Twitter is now blowing up with requests from Drake fans to come to the McDonald’s they work at. Who knows when charitable Drake will strike next?