Drake just released a 23-minute short film and we’re losing it

If you’ve been positively obsessed (as we have) with Drake’s Viewsthen today’s news might just make your day.

Entertainment Weekly just informed us that Drake has released a 23-minute short film as a companion to the album, titled Please Forgive Me.

The film was directed by Anthony Mandler, and Billboard tells us that he’s the guy responsible for many of Drake’s music videos such as “Over,” “Miss Me,” and “Fancy” — as well as Rihanna’s “Disturbia,” Jay Z’s “Holy Grail,” and loads more.

From the look of this teaser, the film is visually striking, gritty, action-packed, and kinda dangerous in an exciting way. Oh yeah, and it suggests that Drake could be a great leading man one day! (HINT HINT, HOLLYWOOD).

According to Billboard, the film was shot in just one week in South Africa. Woah, from the looks of it they got a lot done in a short amount of time! The film is available via Apple Music, and we absolutely recommended checking it out. Because…it’s Drake! And he made a SHORT FILM! And it’s inspired BY HIS MUSIC!

Phew, okay, we need to take a moment to collect ourselves.

And in the meantime, huge congrats to Drake — keep doing your thing!