The best of the best from Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ meme

On Monday night, October’s Very Own Aubrey “Drake” Graham dropped the highly-anticipated music video for his smash hit ‘Hotline Bling.’ Released via Apple Music, the video featured Drake dancing and crooning in front of colorful light installations, while donning multiple outfits and one very notable chunky grey turtleneck. (As it turns out, the James Turrell vibes were probably intentional.)

But for all the many amazing elements to ‘Hotline Bling,’ the most notable part of the video was, without doubt, Drake’s dancing. Our features editor Margaret Eby described it as what would happen if you gave Drake a bottle of cognac and told him to pantomime using a phone. Personally, I found his moves to be reminiscent of when he hosted SNL back in 2014, and showed off his best dad moves. This is all to say, it was awesome.

Regardless, the Internet was swift in figuring out that Drake’s moves aligned perfectly with a lot of non-Drake music. Like #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat from earlier this year, it turns out Drake, too, can be synced up with quite a few different tunes. The results are hilarious and unbelievably satisfying — and even Drake got in on the joke and posted one of his favorites to Instagram.

Without further ado, here are a few more of the best #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat/’Hotline Bling’ mash-ups the Internet had to offer.

High School Musical


American Horror Story

Wii Tennis

Justin Bieber

Every single one set to Latin music

Star Wars


(Images via video, Giphy.)

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