Drake called out a fan for groping girls at his concert

Drake has always been our hero. But the Canadian rapper’s most recent act just promoted him to superhero. During one of his Boy Meets World Australian tour dates, Drake called out a guy who was sexually harassing girls at the show.

Several concert-goers caught the call-out on video and posted it to Instagram where it has already garnered over 30,000 views in less than 24 hours. The video shows Drake performing his song “Know Yourself” during an after-party event at Sydney’s Marquee Club. The performance is business as usual until Drake orders the DJ to cut the track. He then moves to the edge of the stage and points at a man in the crowd.

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'll come out there and f— you up," Drake announces into the mic.

The rapper literally looks like he’s about to leap off the stage and deal with the man himself. But luckily for the dude in question, security steps in and removes the perpetrator from the crowd. The video shows that Drake doesn’t continue with his set until he’s sure the man has been taken out.

Everyone take note — this is what being an ally (and decent human being) looks like.


Again, this is us right now:

We applaud Drake for making it clear that sexual assault and harassment has zero place at his concerts (or anywhere, for that matter). Allyship is critical for creating meaningful and lasting change, and we’re heartened to see an influential public figure leading by example.

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