Drake Bell v. The Beliebers: Which Side Are You On?

I’m starting to think Drake Bell spent a little too much time around Amanda Bynes during his stint at Nickelodeon because he too is unleashing a lil-bit-o-crazy on Twitter. Who’s the target? Beliebers.  That’s right, those ‘cut and shave your body for Justin’ people. These aren’t regular fans; these are the die-hards we are talking about, here.

Apparently the feud (?) started back in mid-March, when Bell sent off a tweet doubting Justin as an artist. Then he posted a series of photos calling Justin girly and saying that he looks like Miley Cyrus, etc. But it didn’t end there. When the fans descended on Bell, he started replying with witty retorts. The feud lasted up until just a few days ago, mostly fueled by Bell’s responses to the Beliebers.

But let me take you back to the fateful beginning. It all started when Justin said he was “writing”. Bell @ replied with this piece of wisdom: “yeah right.” And the world asked: “Who the heck is Drake Bell?”

No, but honestly, I loved me some Drake Bell when he was on The Amanda Show or Drake and Josh or playing himself in a guest spot on Zoey 101. He was all over Nick about 10 years ago and now he stars on Splash – you know, that wildly popular celebrity diving show!!! Long story short, he doesn’t really have much clout on the interweb to justify randomly attacking a mega-celebrity.

Justin Bieber on the other hand is, welp, Justin Bieber. Say what you want about the kid – he has a lot of natural talent and his Christmas album is my holiday jam. His fans are another story…I’ve never attacked Bieber (or anyone) on Twitter, so I have not felt the wrath of the Beliebers on a personal level. But I know friends who have criticized his music and you would have thought they admitted to terrorism. The hate messages that flooded their Twitter were INSANE!

Needless to say, everyone has his/her faults in this scenario. But at the end of the day, I am still left scratching my head at Drake Bell. I wish I could ask him to DM me an explanation for his behavior, because it is just bizarre. After the whole thing, he claimed he doesn’t have hate for Bieber, just his fans. Which kind of makes no sense, because it all started when he tweeted at the pop star himself. Of course, the Beliebers can get a little carried away. Drake Bell isn’t their first target or the first celeb to point out their…erm..dedication. But for the safety of my own life, that’s all I will say about them.

I’m going to chalk all of this up to Drake Bell trying to make himself relevant before his reality TV debut. I don’t think he chose the most original or positive way to go about doing so, but people do crazy things for TV. I think the winner in all of this is Justin Bieber. He never responded or said anything negative about anyone throughout the whole thing. So kudos, Justin! And you win, too, because when you’re done DVRing Splash, you can read through their entire crazy correspondence here and then tell me what you think below! But please, no comment wars. Let’s save those for Bell and the Beliebers!

Featured images: Drake Bell via IMDB.com; Belieber via JustinBieberZone.com

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