Drake Bell and Josh Peck just hilariously proved that they’re 100% over the “wedding snub” incident

While we saw them hug it out at the VMAs, we now know it wasn’t just a stunt — Drake Bell and Josh Peck are truly friends again. How do we know? Well, they created a funny video that proves that the days of the “wedding snub” are well past them.

Peck and now-wife Paige O’Brien got married this past June, and the world was somewhat surprised that buddy Bell didn’t get an invite. Bell and Peck starred together on the hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh, which aired from 2004 to 2007. If that was after your time, just imagine them as the Kenan and Kel of the 2000s.

After failing to get an invite, Bell had some words to say on Twitter. In his eyes, the friendship was broken.

But the two have since buried the hatchet and can now laugh over the entire thing. Just watch this video in which they surprise superfan David Dobrik. Note that it’s not too safe for work (unless you’re wearing headphones), based on some language that isn’t really, er, Nickelodeon-friendly.


In his vlog, Dobrik admitted that he’s been trying to get Bell and Peck in the same room at the same time for awhile. And now it’s finally happened.

"While he's a bad person, he helps all of our careers," Peck hilariously says to Bell in preparation for the surprise meeting with Dobrik.

The two also bring up the wedding in the video, with Bell joking that the “wedding looked like it sucked anyway.”

We’re just happy that this duo was able to move past the “wedding snub” incident, since it’s pretty apparent that they’ve got an incredible friendship. If Josh Peck even decides to renew his vows, we’ve got a feeling that Drake Bell will get an invite.

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