Um, this Draco Malfoy theory is so crazy it just might work

We know Draco Malfoy as a Slytherin, the Slytherin Quidditch Seeker, the child of Voldemort who supports Lucius and Narcissa, and Harry Potter’s nemesis at Hogwarts. But now, there’s a Draco theory making rounds on the Internet again, and it’s just so out there and crazy, it might be true. Could Draco be a werewolf?

The most prominent werewolf for us is, of course, Remus Lupin who was James Potter’s BFF at Hogwarts, and then later went on to teach Harry, Ron, and Hermione Defense Against the Dark Arts. Lupin explains in Prisoner of Azkaban that werewolves aren’t trusted in the Wizarding World whatsoever, and after word gets out that he’s a werewolf, he has to resign his position. Pureblood wizards (like the Malfoys) treat werewolves with even less respect than Mudbloods.

Now the most feared werewolf is Fenrir Greyback. He’s the werewolf who bit Lupin (and would later go on to bite Bill Weasley, too). Fenrir worked for Voldemort, biting the children of those Death Eaters who had failed him as the ultimate punishment. There are a few instances in Harry Potter when the Malfoys fail Voldemort. So maybe, JUST MAYBE, Fenrir was sent to bite Malfoy, as punishment, and that’s why he’s so freaked and stressed at the end of the HP series.

In a brand new video from YouTuber Jonathan Carlin, he breaks down all the information we need to know about this Draco/werewolf idea. Carlin mentions that the looming threat of Fenrir biting people is always out there in the books, but the only person who actually falls victim to that is Bill. Kinda weird that this is present through all of the books, but we only see it happen once, huh? Maybe J.K. Rowling intentionally gave us these clues about werewolves and Fenrir, and left it up to us to figure out who else had been bit. Put all the pieces together, and we get Malfoy.

Carlin also points out the fact that while Harry is convinced Draco is a Death Eater, Hermione is not. In the books, we never get actual confirmation that Draco has the Dark Mark on him. He could have something else on his arm instead: a werewolf bite. During Half Blood Prince we think he’s wrestling with the inner struggle of killing Dumbledore (or not killing Dumbledore) but he could instead be dealing with the fact that now every full moon he’s suddenly growing hair and a snout. And if he fails in his latest Voldemort-ordered task, who KNOWS what will happen to him next.

As out there as this theory is, it also makes total sense. Carlin provides a bunch of other evidence to support his theory in his YouTube video, which breaks down everything piece by piece — including comments Voldemort has made about werewolves.

There’s only one woman out there who can confirm if this is true or not. SO, as we wait for Rowling to comment on Twitter about this, it’s up to us to decide. Draco Malfoy, Seeker and werewolf?

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