Omigod! Draco Malfoy (Ahem, Tom Felton) is coming to primetime TV

Ten points to Slytherin! Everybody’s favorite sort-of-evil-but-not-really-all-that-evil wizard Draco Malfoy will be returning to the small screen. At least, his muggle counterpart Tom Felton will.


Felton has been tapped to join the cast on the CW’s The Flash according to TV Line. He’ll be playing the role of the investigator Julian Dorn at the Central City Police Department who suspects there might be more to this Barry Allen character (spoiler alert: He’s totally right). His character will be a series regular and will no doubt put some pressure on the Barry to keep his alter-ego a secret.

While Felton, is of course, best known for his role in the Harry Potter films, but he’s certainly no stranger to the small screen. He’s co-starred on shows for TNT and DirecTV. This will be a chance to at least see him more regularly. Plus, we’ll get to see his character transform and evolve in much the same way we saw it change throughout the Harry Potter series. It takes a lot of talent to make someone so dastardly (the scientific term for it) a person you actually end up (sometimes) rooting for and (once in a while) feeling sorry for. Felton absolutely has that ability and it’ll be exciting to see him put it to use on a show that’s already as delightful as The Flash.

There aren’t many details yet about exactly how Felton will interact with the main character (played brilliantly by Grant Gustin). But the CW had confirmed that we can expect to see Felton’s debut early in Season 3, which begins October 4 of this year. We can only hope that their chemistry will be as magical as what we’ve come to know and expect from Malfoy… I mean Felton.


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