You totally missed this Draco Malfoy moment in “Harry Potter” that might make him a hero

Draco Malfoy. Even just uttering his name gives me the shudders. The utter shudders. Dare I say…the shutters.


Yeah. Sorry. Bad joke.

But what’s not a joke is this incredibly enlightening fan theory that could prove Draco, who was never quite as evil as the rest of the Malfoy clan, nor as evil as everyone seemed to want him to be, may have actually been a good guy all along.

Or at least quietly did good things to help Harry and the rest of the heroic crew.

According to this Harry Potter fan and tumblr user indie-band, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the Chamber of Secrets movie that proves Draco may have been quietly helping behind-the-scenes more than we ever gave him credit for.

There’s a small moment in that movie (which is worth noting doesn’t take place in the book) where Draco looks around a busy bookstore to make sure nobody’s watching and then rips a page from a book. The moment seems deliberate, if brief, and takes place not long before Hermione Granger is found with a torn piece of paper in her newly-petrified hand thanks to the (then unknown) basiliks who had been terrorizing the students. It was that piece of torn paper that was the clue Harry and Ron needed to uncover the mystery that could save the students from their reign of petrifying terror.

The prevailing theory was always that Hermione had figured the mystery out and torn the paper out as a clue. And while she may have figured out the mystery, this moment…


…suggests that maybe it was the sneaky Slytherin boy who planted the clue after all.

Indie-Band brings up some excellent points. Like the fact that Draco could have just bought the book if he had wanted that bit of information for himself. The Malfoys certainly had enough funds. And then there’s Hermione’s reverence for books, which would likely keep her from flippantly destroying one by ripping out a page. And, above all, why even show this moment if it’s meant to simply be looked over?

If somebody could please give J.K. Rowling a quick call and figure this all out for us, we’d be much obliged. Because, as far as fan theories go, if this one is true, it will really rock our world.

But until we can get the all-knowing Rowling’s approval one way or another, I guess all we can do is re-read and re-watch all the movies several more times until to decide for ourselves.

Which will, obviously, be so tough on us.


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