Dr. Seuss Quotes That Make Us Feel All the Feelings

It’s Tuesday, which every book nerd knows as the day when new books come out! Amongst today’s newly released titles is (shock! gasp!) a NEW Dr. Seuss book! Seuss biographer Charles Cohen (who has conducted, get this, 25,000 hours of research on Seuss over the course of his lifetime) found a bunch of Seuss stories in old issues of Redbook from the 1940s and 1950s that never made it into books. Yes, Redbook used to publish Dr. Seuss stories, I guess instead of weight-loss tips? Redbook, got to get back to your roots!

So now Cohen is righting this EGREGIOUS oversight by releasing the book Horton and the Kwuggerbug and More Lost Stories today. I’m so excited to find out what a Kwuggerbug is, you guys, SO EXCITED. In the meantime, let’s take a stroll down Seuss memory lane and remember some of the amazing things Seuss said that still inspire us today.

Is it crazy that this quote makes me cry a little bit every time I see it? No, not like cry inside, like there are actual tears on my face right now, why did I even BOTHER with eyeliner this morning if I was just going to read Seuss quotes? Seuss wasn’t just writing for his pint-sized audience. He was writing for the parents reading his books to their children, reminding everyone that no matter how small they feel, they still matter and still deserve to be treated like they matter. Blast it, I just started crying all over again.

Every time I see this quote I am reminded of all the ways in which I am not actively making the world a better place and then I am properly ashamed. But in a good way.

Every girl in junior high school needs to write this down on a thousand Post-It notes and stick this quote up all over her bedroom.

Look, I totally get it. It can be really easy to forget that you’re off to great places and that today is your day, sometimes it can be hard to believe that your mountain is waiting, sometimes it can be hard to believe that your mountain even EXISTS, but it does. Dr. Seuss said so, and he was right about everything all the time so go on and GET ON YOUR WAY!

Your person is out there. If Thing 1 and Thing 2 could find each other, you can definitely find your soulmate/BFF/whoever that person is you’re looking to share all your mutual weirdness with.

It’s totally fine that you weren’t crowned Miss America, whatever, so you didn’t get a MacArthur Genius Grant this year (or ever), that Academy Award or Nobel Peace Prize is eluding you, whatever and more whatever, you don’t need those dumb plaques and trophies, Seuss reminds us that you win at the “Being Yourself Contest” EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And NO ORCHESTRA can try to play you offstage when you run a little long with your acceptance speech, not in the “Being Yourself Contest.”

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