These Dr. Seuss quotes will inspire you when you’re feeling down

Today is Dr. Seuss Day. March 2 is the perfect day to designate in celebration of all things Seuss because not only is it his birthday, it’s also National Read Across America. Dr. Seuss, who was born Theodo Geisel (middle name, Seuss), probably changed your childhood because, let’s face it: He changed pretty much all of our childhoods. His books were easy-to-read and full of good, big Life Lessons (The Lorax basically made environmentalists of an entire generation) and Seuss himself was a well of inspirational quotes, even outside of his kid-friendly catalogue. Here are 10 of his most inspirational quotes to get you through some of life’s biggest (and most universal) moments and toughest insecurities:

When the world seems to be trying its hardest to hold you down: 

When you’re feeling completely, totally boring and not at all unique or special: 

When you’re feeling weird and uncomfortable in your own skin: 

When you’re feeling major anxiety about a big decision: 

When you need a reminder about the little things: 

When you need a push to believe in your own great ideas: 

When you’re afraid to start something new: 

When you’re feeling totally burned out: 

When you’re about to do something you really know you shouldn’t: 

When you’re freaking out about the future:

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