Dr Luke dismisses claims that he’s leaving Kesha “penniless,” says she owes him $1.3 million

There have been further developments in the ongoing legal battle between pop singer Kesha and producer Dr. Luke.

Earlier this month (February 1st) we reported that Dr. Luke had added a count of defamation to his case against Kesha. According to legal documents, Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, accused the singer of deliberately tarnishing his name by sharing a text message conversation with a fellow popstar, alleged to be Lady Gaga, where she said that she had been raped by Gottwald.

Representatives for Gottwald added that these allegations are false, alleging that Kesha sent the message to “further [damage Gottwald’s] reputation and business. Kesha did not stand to make any more money or obtain better business terms as a result of them.”

Following this move, representatives for Kesha added their own countersuit, stating that the producer’s new suit was “not about money or business” but rather a vendetta against Kesha.” Similarly, the lawyers for the singer claimed that Gottwald was deliberately holding Kesha back, and was unwilling to release the new music she had been recording. They also said that certain royalties had been withheld and that Dr. Luke wanted to see her “penniless.”

Now Dr. Luke has accused Kesha of withholding royalties from him, and says the singer owes him $1.3 million.

According to Buzzfeed News, new court documents filed this week suggest that Gottwald is requesting money from touring revenue, merchandise, and other income streams.

His lawyers also refuted claims that he hadn’t been paid the singer any royalties, and that he wanted to see her “penniless.” Indeed, lawyers for Gottwald said that the singer had been given $150,000 to record new music as an advance.

"As Kesha’s proposed counter claim concedes," the documents read, "she is recording in the studio with producers of her choosing and preparation is underway for the release of her next album."

These claims are a direct contradiction of the legal documents that the singer’s attorneys submitted last month (January 31st), which said, “Kesha’s efforts to record and release her next album have been met with unfounded resistance and delay.” 

It appears that the next steps in this ongoing case are to be depositions, where both Kesha and Gottwald will give testimony under oath.

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