So scary: This night cream might be causing weird sleep issues

Consider the possible side effects for a night cream. Oily skin, or breakouts, or a slight rash sound bad enough. But some reviewers of Dr. Brandt’s Do Not Age Dream Night Cream claim to experience a truly bizarre reaction: They’ve been getting night terrors and vivid dreams when they use the cream.

As Racked reports, the $135 cream received an influx of strange reviews on Sephora’s website after the beauty retailer sent out samples. The good news: The cream seems to work pretty well for its intended purpose, with one reviewer saying that their skin has “never looked better” and another saying that the cream makes their skin look “hydrated and plump.”

However, the number of reviewers who have been claiming they’ve been having weird sleep issues is astounding:

In fact, almost half of the reviews on Sephora’s site mention having vivid dreams or night terrors. Other than the name “Dream Cream,” Dr. Brandt’s Do Not Age Dream Night Cream does not have any other hint at this bizarre side effect. The company told Racked in a statement:

However, as staff attorney for the Environmental Working Group Tina Sigurdson told Mic, the FDA doesn’t regulate the majority of ingredients in cosmetics, so that’s something to keep in mind. (You can learn more about the chemicals in cosmetics, skin care, hair products at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.)

We are left with two questions:

1. Is it really possible for a face cream to affect your dreams? That sounds like a B-movie horror plot, TBH.

2. If everyone has claimed that the cream is amazing, are we willing to trade in dreamless sleep for fab skin?

Life is weird, guys.

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