Dr. Brandt is coming out with a revolutionary new lip product, and we are SO curious to know what it is

Once again, it’s time to pack yourself a lunch, pull out your trench coat, and detective senses in order to solve the latest mystery the internet has cruelly bestowed upon us. The much-beloved skin care brand Dr. Brandt has just teased us with a new product on Instagram, and now we are left with a few clues and a lot of questions.

The first question is, of course, WHY DO OUR FAVORITE BEAUTY BRANDS KEEP DOING THIS TO US?!?! We know the answer circles back to us, and our insatiable curiosity that keeps us clicking. But still, how many mysteries can we take? A lot, apparently.

As you can glean from this vague post (that is generous with clues), Dr. Brandt will be revealing some sort of plumping lip care product.

But what flavor will it be? How much will it cost? Will it exfoliate AND plump? These are questions currently left dangling in the lurch. Although, the liquid layer would suggest something Peppermint flavored.

We can glean from their second hint that this lip product will indeed be nourishing for winter lips, which is news we like to hear in January.

We can only hope and pray that this mystery will resolve itself sooner than later.

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