Watch the stars of ‘Downton Abbey’ play a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity

Get ready to don your tiaras and bust out your poshest British accent because after what feels like an impossibly long wait, the final season of Downton Abbey is set to begin on January 3. (Be still our Anglophile hearts!) The stars of Downton have been out and about promoting the show in the U.S., and while we laughed our heads off when they tried out some American accents on Late Night With Stephen Colbert, we might be laughing even harder now. For the second year in a row, Entertainment Weekly has given us the most hilariously NSFW Christmas gift of all — the stars of Downton Abbey playing Cards Against Humanity.

If you thought it was funny last year when Lady Edith, Mrs. Pratmore, and Mrs. Hughes debated the best answer to the question, “The class trip was completely ruined by: _____” (Answer: bitches. Obviously.), then just wait until you get a glimpse of Tom Branson, Mr. Molesley and Lady Mary cracking up over the “farting and walking away” card. (Yes, it turned up again.) Seriously, guys. Mr. Molesley (Kevin Doyle) CANNOT stop laughing. And we can’t stop laughing at him cracking up. It’s a never-ending chain of laughter. And it’s awesome, from Branson singing the “lovely lady humps” song (all of the yes!) to Lady Mary being rechristened Dirty Mary. (Spoiler alert: she rules at this game.)

Check out the hilarity below. Again, it’s super NSFW, as Cards Against Humanity always (ALWAYS) is. But it’s still totally upper crust and classy (just like Downton) because of the candelabra on the table. Then again, maybe not . . .

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