OMG you can now download Netflix shows to watch offline, which clearly changes EVERYTHING

The streaming gods have shown us all extreme amounts of favor because you can now download Netflix shows to watch offline, The Verge reports. Among the series you should immediately begin hoarding are some of your fave Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, The Crown, and Narcos, among others. Subscribers will also be able to download movies and shows that aren’t exclusive to Netflix.

Not only does this bring a fresh, new perspective to the concept of Netflix ‘n chill, it’s also a game-changer for all of us hardcore binge watchers, who typically devour our favorite shows episode by episode from a comfy spot on the couch, lest we leave the house and our fave Netflix show suddenly disappears from our queue. *shudders in horror*

But as Netflix pointed out in its Twitter announcement, it’s official download-and-go time:

Subscribers simply need to update to the latest version of Netflix to access the download feature, which will appear next to TV shows for which it is available. Then when you’re bored AF because you’re somewhere without internet access, BAM: You’re no longer bored outta your mind because you can have ALL OF THE NETFLIX at your fingertips.

While we would love to give infinite hugs to Netflix for this most wonderful gift, we need to keep our hands free for nonstop downloading.