Dove Cameron Got 2 New Teeny-Tiny Tattoos on Her Wrists

Blink and you'll miss them.

Dove Cameron just added two new pieces to her tiny tattoo collection. The actress stopped by the studio of New York tattoo artist Dragon to pick up two wrist tattoos—one that says “Celestial” and another that reads “Body.”

“@dovecameron it was an honor to work for you,” Dragon captioned the September 16th reveal post on Instagram. “Hope to see you soon again. Thank you.”

These two new single line tattoos join a myriad of other hand tattoos Cameron has collected over the years, including her X tattoo (friend Kiersey has the matching O on her pinky), the snake tattoo on her right middle finger, the sun tattoo on her right ring finger, and also her left middle finger tattoo that reads “SHE,” as well as a thumb tattoo that says “none of this is real.”

Dragon shared a few pics from the tattooing process on his Instagram Story, including a close-up of the transfer paper (printed backward to read correctly when applied to Cameron’s wrist).

dragon tattoo story

And Dragon even shared a pic of Cameron testing out potential placements for her new tats. It looks like she was originally thinking of placing them in the middle of her hands.

dragon tattoo story

Cameron has close to 20 tattoos (if not more) located all over her body, most of which are tiny single-needle pieces. Single-needle tattoos, like her latest ones done by Dragon, are incredibly delicate and barely there.

Dragon specializes in single-needle tattooing—from clean and simple lettering to incredibly complicated black-and-gray works with intense shading. Over on his YouTube channel, you can check out exactly how he completes a piece with just a single needle in the tattoo gun. It’s pretty incredible to watch.

Cameron hasn’t yet posted an update about this tattoo so we can’t say for sure what it’s referring to. But something tells us she’s calling herself a celestial body, and we just love the sound of that.

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