Dove Cameron and her boyfriend made out in the dark, and ended up covered in lipstick

We’d like to think that every time we make out with someone, it’s as graceful as it looks on TV — but that’s not always the case. No one knows this better than Dove Cameron, who made out with her boyfriend in the dark recently and ended up a complete mess. In an adorable way, of course.

She and her boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, are quite possibly the cutest couple out there right now. Over the weekend, Doherty posted a picture of them together with lipstick all around his mouth. “Kissing in the dark,” he captioned it.

These two kids.

The actors, who star together in Descendants 2, apparently can’t keep their hands off each other at work, either. Cameron told J-14 in a recent interview that one scene the couple had together in Descendants 2 actually had to be reworked because of their chemistry. (It’s the scene where Harry moves Mal’s hair with a hook.)

Cameron explained, “You know, that scene with the hook almost got cut because the chemistry was so intense that [everyone was] like, ‘The audience is gonna think this is about Mal and Harry.”

She added that director Kenny Ortega told them it was way too intense.

"You know what’s so funny. Kenny was like, 'You can’t make it too intense,' so we came up with this whole backstory. Kenny and I and Thomas came up with this backstory in the first week of rehearsals. Me and Thomas' chemistry was so intense, even off camera, like just in rehearsals, but we didn’t know it. But people were like, 'When you guys walk into a room together, it’s insane.'"

Actually, it was Ortega who hooked the two up. Cameron said that he took her aside and told her that he thought she and Thomas would be the greatest couple. They were destined for each other. And clearly they are!

It’s no wonder the pair is all over Instagram and making out in the dark. We’d be doing the same thing.