Here’s Dove Cameron’s perfect advice for dealing with anxiety

So many of us suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, and we all have different coping techniques for it. But if you’re struggling, listen to Dove Cameron’s advice for dealing with anxiety because, uh, it’s pretty on point. Cameron was visiting On Air With Ryan Seacrest this weekwhen a caller named Maya asked her about her strategies for dealing with anxiety and making friends in Hollywood.

Dove’s answer was spot on. In addition to reminding Maya that it’s okay to feel anxious, she said:

"I don’t think there’s any human in the world that escapes pressure and anxiety. I think the goal is to remember that sensation of coming out of a darker time in your life… [and] remind yourself 'I always come out of it and I need to not let myself forget that.'"

That’s actually really good advice, even for people who deal with the most mild of social anxieties. Knowing that you can always make it through something — even when it feels like you won’t — is really helpful. We’re way stronger than we feel sometimes, and knowing how to feel your feelings without judging them is a skill we wish someone would just bottle and hand out for free. Wouldn’t that be so much easier?

This is not the first time that the Descendants actress has been an anxiety-advice guru. Cameron told a Twitter fan last year that hiding anxiety is no way to over come it. “It’s not about hiding it, it’s about genuinely embracing, acknowledging, and managing it. I could never fake happiness,” she wrote.

Cameron also posted advice on Instagram for her anxiety- and depression-prone fans, saying that we forget how isolated we are sometimes from each other, and encouraging her fan to reach out for help and talk about her sad and nervous feelings with someone close to her (or a professional).

Here’s to talking about anxiety all the time. Cameron’s totally right — the more we open up about our struggles and help each other learn how to manage anxiety, the better.

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