Doug Jones beat Roy Moore in Alabama, and Twitter is exuberant

Yesterday, December 12th, the citizens of Alabama elected their first Democratic senator since 1994. Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama special election against Roy Moore and so many Americans are celebrating.

Jones was elected to fill the Senate seat once held by Jeff Sessions, who is now acting Attorney General. With Jones’ win, the Republicans’ senate majority has been shaved down. They now hold the majority by only two seats — 51-49.

The win was a close call and the race drew national attention. Jones won by about 20,000 votes — only 1.5% of the voter turnout. Moore initially maintained the lead at the beginning of yesterday’s vote tally. But the Republican candidate, marked with accusations of sexual misconduct, did not pull through. President Donald Trump had publicly endorsed Moore, and the state of Alabama has long been a reliably red state.

However, the allegations against Moore did not negatively affect his campaign as much as most thought they would. Only 51% of Alabama voters thought the sexual assault allegations against him were true. A reported 44% of voters believed the allegations were probably or definitely false.

An incredible turn out of black voters helped Jones — a dedicated civil rights activist — win the election. Reports indicate that 96% of Black voters at the polls voted for Jones.

Today, Democrats across America are celebrating Jones’ win. Many have taken to Twitter to share their joy and relief.



Now that Jones has been elected, Senator Chuck Schumer will ask Republicans today, December 13th, to delay voting on the tax reform bill until Jones is seated.

Congratulations to Doug Jones, Alabama, and all Americans who took issue with Roy Moore’s record and alleged sexual misconduct.

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