Some people are having doubts about that “Lion King” remake — even with Beyoncé

ICYMI, there’s going to be a new version of The Lion King made, a live-action version directed by none other than Jon Favreau. And the Internet basically exploded with the news — especially over the fact that the Lion King cast included Beyoncé as Nala. However, not everyone was excited, even with Beyoncé on board. (Uh, how? But we digress.)

First, some backstory on the new movie. On Nov. 1st, Disney posted a tweet announcing the cast of the film, and it includes one big star after another. Donald Glover will play Simba, and his love interest will be none other than Beyoncé as Nala. The legendary James Earl Jones will play Mufasa, Alfre Woodard will be Sarabi, and Chiwetel Ejiofor will be Scar. We’ll see other actors we love in the film, too, such as John Oliver, Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, and Eric André.

BUT: Why do we need a remake of The Lion King?! Wasn’t the original a 10 out of 10?

The short answer is yes, duh, obviously. But in all fairness, this version does sound intriguing. If we think about other hit animated movies that were turned into live-action remakes — like this year’s Beauty and the Beast — we shouldn’t be surprised. You may also remember that Favreau took a creative spin with 2016’s The Jungle Book when he combined live-action elements with scary realistic CGI animals and backgrounds. As big Favreau fans, we have to have faith that he knows what he’s doing with The Lion King, too, and that the result will be pretty amazing. Especially with Beyoncé starring (okay, co-starring).

That said, here’s Disney’s tweet announcing the remake.

In response, the Twitterverse had a LOT of thoughts.

Plenty were positive, of course. This cast is seriously star-studded. But others were confused why there’s be a remake at all.

And plenty of people had serious questions about how this would work. Is it live-action but mainly CGI? Are they going to be people in costumes like in the Broadway show?

Whether you are for or against The Lion King remake, one thing’s for sure: It’s bound to be entertaining, no matter what. Plus, another thing we get to look forward to is hearing the cast sing Hans Zimmer’s music score, which is bound to be amazing. Don’t get too excited too soon, though. We have to wait until July 19, 2019(!) to see the movie. Nothing like some good ol’ anticipation in the meantime.

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