Friday Faces: The coolest double liner makeup to inspire your face beat this weekend

If you’re going out on the town this weekend, why not experiment with a new makeup look? Welcome to Friday Faces, a weekly column aimed at bringing you beauty inspo straight from the mugs of our favorite celebs and icons. Whether it’s a graphic cat-eye or a bold lipstick trend, see what makeup looks we’re currently hearting on Instagram, and have fun copying them yourself.

A simple Google search for “how to do a cat eye” yields over 782 million results in under a second. What does that tell us? Well, mostly that it seems we’ve all been out here practicing and practicing, and hopefully perfecting, our winged liner game. And as with most things, since practice does eventually make perfect, we’re going to go ahead and assume that many of you have pretty much nailed the technique. (We’re jealous.)

So what’s a makeup lover to do once they’ve peaked in terms of executing classic winged black liner? Add on another wing, of course. This weekend, may we suggest you give double eyeliner a go? The look requires patience, concentration, creativity, and, of course, a steady hand, but the end result is totally worth it.

Below are some of Instagram’s coolest double eyeliner looks (which can take many, many forms) to inspire your Friday night makeup beat.

Black lipstick really makes this black and neon liner pop, and pulls the whole lewk together.

At the CFDAs earlier this week, Hannah Bronfman rocked a graphic yellow and black liner combo.

For a surprisingly subtle take on the trend, try pairing a dark color (like burgundy) with your black cat eye.

Swipe a metallic liner on top of your usual black for a look that’s equal parts timeless and bold.

How cool is this graphic liner on Stella Maxwell?

Feeling good about your cat eye game lately? Try a glitter and white liner combo.

Double black liner, in any shape or form, is always striking.

Red, black, glitter, and negative space? This look by Patrick Ta is beyond.

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