Dose of Colors launched seven new lipstick shades today, and you’re gonna want to collect ’em all

At this point, it’d be fruitless to deny that we have a serious addiction to lipsticks — what can we say, the heart wants what it wants! So we don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about admitting that we desperately want the new lipsticks that Dose of Colors released today. These seven new shades include two liquid lipsticks and five creamy lipsticks, so you can pick whatever formula you prefer!

Dose of Colors has a knack for picking seriously vibrant, bold hues — but that makes sense since it’s in their name! This cruelty-free cosmetics brand is making a mark for their gorgeous products that are on trend, made of high quality, and seriously reasonable price point.

Don’t you love that you can see the difference in texture on the models between the liquid lipstick and the creamy lipstick? You know you’ll be getting exactly what you see in these pictures, since they’re not a photoshopped mess!

Not only are the actual lipstick shades beautiful, but their packaging is on point! The subtle, minimalist aesthetic means that the lipsticks can speak for themselves — and they’ll look gorgeous on your vanity!

As if that weren’t enough, their highly coveted Bare With Me liquid lipstick is also back in stock!

Let’s take a look at the new arrivals individually, shall we? Each liquid lipstick is $18, while the creamy lipsticks are $16, each.

Los Anjealous Liquid Lipstick is a muted ruby red.


Campfire Liquid Lipstick is a burnt sienna.


Heartbeat Creamy Lipstick is a bright, fiery red.


Fearless Creamy Lipstick is a daring bright pink.


Fig Creamy Lipstick is an orchid plum with a hint of blush.


Grounded Creamy Lipstick is a warm, whiskey brown.


Heartless Creamy Lipstick is a deep reddish plum.


Aren’t they simply divine? Who wants to rock Heartless like, every day forever? Just us? Come on, can’t you see it smoldering on your next date?

Head on over to Dose of Colors and check out their newest additions for yourself!

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