Doritos is helping get out the vote with this unique ad campaign

In only 42 days, we’ll be able to cast our ballot in the 2016 Presidential election — and as we’ve witnessed these campaigns unfold, the importance of registering to vote in this historic election (if we have that privilege) is strikingly clear.

Tonight, we’ll see Clinton and Trump debate each other — another sign that the election is fast approaching. And lots of brands and corporations are utilizing different campaigns to encourage young people to register to vote. I’m sure you’ve noticed Facebook asking you to share your registration status upon logging in. Today’s Google doodle links to a voter registration site.

And now potato chip tycoons and Taco Bell-collaborators, Doritos, are helping young people get out the vote with a surprising advertisement campaign.

Doritos announced their partnership with Rock The Vote, resulting in their “No Choice” campaign. The campaign allows people to send their friends empty bags of chips that read “No taste, no crunch, no chips.” Earlier today, they released the video ad above, showing young unregistered voters getting the chipless bag from a vending machine.


The press release (and the accompanying video ad) mentions that 82 percent of young people didn’t vote in the 2012 presidential election. Doritos says that this empty bag of chips is for those who didn’t make a choice “because if you don’t vote, someone else chooses for you.”

So register to vote and make your own choice! After you register, fill out this super quick survey for People magazine that examines who Time Inc readers are voting for, and why. Plus, you’ll get a 20% off discount code for the People Shop!