Why a lot of people are upset about the Doritos commercial that aired last night

Amidst a sea of Super Bowl commercials, there was one that stood out because of its, well… interesting advertisement approach. Surprisingly, we’re talking about a Doritos commercial here.


During the snack company’s ad, a pregnant woman is shown getting an ultrasound. By her side is her husband, who’s busy snacking on a bag of Doritos. Before long, the dad realizes that his unborn child will move in the direction of his Dorito, since it cannot seem to resist the snack food. The mom quickly puts a stop to the unusual game, throwing a chip across the room. This prompts the child to then launch itself outside the mom, so it can retrieve the discarded chip.


As you can imagine, this resulted in an avalanche of reaction tweets.

Some thought it was a top-notch commercial:

Others were traumatized:

Since the commercial does deal with a fetus propelling itself out of its mom’s uterus, this caused quite a bit of controversy. There were those who saw this as being a depiction of abortion or premature birth, leading to many comments revolving around this topic:

Then, things took a turn for the political:

With these various reactions before you, what do you think? Do you think the commercial was funny? Inappropriate? Worthy of a political response? Just plain bizarre?

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