Give your Valentine this epic Doritos bouquet this V-Day

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and if you’re like 90% of humans, you’re probably struggling to come up with the best, most romantic gift for your lover. If you’re part of that staggering, totally accurate statistic, look no further. We may have found you the perfect gift — if your person is into chips, that is (is anyone not into chips?). Starting today, and for a limited time only, Canadians (yes, sadly for the rest of the world, only Canadians have access to this glorious Valentine’s Day gift) can enjoy a Ketchup-flavored Doritos bouquet delivered right to their door. The Doritos bouquet comes with free delivery for people in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

But along with the good news, there’s also some bad news. Due to their extreme popularity (because chips… duh), they’re completely sold out already. But hopefully they’ll be making more, because the people of Canada need this. Go to to order/check on the availability.

In the meantime, the website offers steps on how to make your own non-edible version. While DIY non-edible version seems counterintuitive (because chips), it’s still a really clever and awesome gift. And here’s the ridiculously perfect video the company made about their bouquets. Just because.

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