Dora Barbaric is our Illustrator of the Week!

Dora Barbaric’s art is all kinds of fun, and we’ve been absolutely obsessing over it lately. The Croatia-based illustrator has mastered a whimsical and gorgeous style of work that we can’t get enough of. Dora’s art is full of furry friends and flawless one-liners set to a beautiful palette of pastel colors. The 21-year-old is currently studying Art History, but began drawing two years ago under the pen name Monsieur Dorian — and we’re so glad she pursued her artistic passions. Her art is equal parts quirky, adorable, and sassy — and that’s why she’s our Illustrator of the Week!

Find out more about Dora and her art below, and buy some of her exclusive-to-HelloGiggles phone cases by clicking right here.

No pressure, but describe your art: My stuff is all about pastel colors, sarcasm, cute little things, animals dressed up like regular folks, and happiness. It’s a ”Jessica Day” state of mind.

What inspires you to make things: Funny situations and people around me. Friends and family. And ex-boyfriends, of course. There are a lot of cute moments, so I’m basically making a visual diary. Also, old movies and music have a great influence on me.

Your favorite thing(s) to draw: Girly girls with long hair, cats, food, and beards.

Medium of choice: Rapidograph and watercolors, but lately I’m using Kyle T Websters Watercolor set in Photoshop, and Illustrator CS6, of course. So digital illustration it is, I guess.

The first time you knew you wanted to be an artist: I think when I was five. I pretended to be one of those stereotypical French artists with a beret, scarf, and palette. In high school, I became interested in Art History, but always made time for occasional doodling and sketching.

Proudest achievement so far: My first cute little exhibition last month.

Music you listen to while you work: Nico, Francois Hardy, Camera Obscura, She & Him, Childish Gambino, Karen O, The Strokes, The Smiths, Florence + The Machine, Sufjan Stevens.

Your most prized possession: My planner. Actually, an envelope in my planner where I keep old photos, post-it notes, and other memorabilia.

Your personal hero: Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice’s main girl.)

The last thing to make you giggle: My crazy roommate. She was reenacting some telenovela drama.

Current project(s): Commission art, and also I’ll be printing my stuff on tote bags soon.

Check out Dora’s amazing phone cases via Casetify — they’re an exclusive partnership with HelloGiggles! And for more of her work, check out her Tumblr and Facebook.