These donuts are so cute we honestly don’t know if we can eat them

Our love for donuts runs deep. (Because sugar! And sprinkles! And sugar!) We’ve pretty much never met a donut we wouldn’t eat. Until now.

Vickie Liu, a baker from Melbourne, Australia, is a legit food artist. Her precious donut creations are so adorable that we don’t think we could bring ourselves to bite into them. Maybe. Probably. (Okay, we totally would, but we’d have to close our eyes.) Feast your eyes on the cuteness:

Sooo adorable!

And you just KNOW there are cat donuts. Be still our kitty-loving hearts!

In addition to her super sweet animal-themed donuts, Liu makes beautiful donuts on color themes:

Color us impressed!

Liu is a self-taught baker, which TBH kind of blows our minds. According to the Craft Hunter blog, she began experimenting in the kitchen between academic classes while pursuing a degree in Architecture and Design. She says, “After graduating from a course I didn’t particularly enjoy, I had an abundance of free time to experiment in the kitchen, and that’s when I became addicted!”

To see more of Vickie Liu’s amazing confections, visit her on Instagram. You will heart her!