This donut-scented lip color is a pretty pastel dream

I think we can all agree that there are few things as good as donuts, right? I will take them in whatever form they may come: fancy donuts with such delicate accoutrement as hibiscus flowers or basil, grocery store donuts that come in blue and white boxes, those powdered donuts we would stuff our faces with as kids, a classic glaze… need I go on? So, imagine my delight when I came across Sugarpill Cosmetics latest donut-scented liquid lip color!

Designed by RuPaul’s Drag Race’s very own Kim Chi, this lippie has everything we want and more.

The packaging is absolutely adorable and a total throwback to the Hello Kitty and Lip Smacker lip glosses that were my absolute jam when I was but a wee one.

It’s a highly-saturated color with a long-lasting formula so you can go ahead and eat an actual donut while you’re wearing it and know that it’ll still be firmly in place when you’re done.

And best of all, its creamy texture will keep your lips from drying out, as many long-wear lip colors often do. They’re guaranteed to sell out soon, so be sure to check them out ASAP. You do-nut want to miss the chance to snag one of your own! (Don’t worry, I have rolled my own eyeballs at myself for that one.)

Pick one up for yourself for $18 right this way!