Donut Raccoon is already the Pizza Rat of 2016

Move over, Pizza Rat, there’s a new food thief in town: Donut Raccoon—and he’s just as comical and cute as his New York vermin competition. Only, in Canada. Earlier this week, on the night of Dec. 27, a Toronto-area raccoon entered a Dunkin’ Donuts THROUGH THE CEILING. Yep. Totally normal. And the best part? He sniffed around at a few donuts before stealing an orange-flavored one. (Guess the nearby iced chocolate ones weren’t his thing. Good—more for us!)

Peter Jensen, 21, took the now-viral video, which has almost 1,500,ooo YouTube views to date.

Do we blame him? Raccoons have to eat, too. After all, Pizza Rat’s probably hiding out for the winter, so YouTube needs another animal star to entertain us—new year, new cute food-stealing animal

 “People outside were cheering for him,” said Jensen. “The owner was in there, trying to get him out with a broom while on the phone with pest control. It was a whole thing.”

Donut Raccoon was said to be in the donut shop for a half-hour, though the video of his crime is only 31 seconds. You can see his crime on camera here.

Image via YouTube

Here’s a rat carrying a slice of pizza. We kind of get it.

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