Donut-loving goat just GETS it

A Canadian goat went on a late-night donut run over the weekend, and he wasn’t going to let a pesky thing like the law stand between him and his Bavarian Cremes. The action went down at Tim Hortons in Martensville, Saskatchewan, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. (Because everyone knows donuts taste better between midnight and four a.m.)

The goat wandered inside like he owned the place and refused to leave. Every time shop employees escorted him out, he came right back in through the automatic door. Because hey, that’s what automatic doors are for, right? Goat knows this. And goat is HANGRY, you guys. Hangry for donuts.

Here he is, looking pathetic and desperate after being kicked out of the Tim Hortons, donut-less. We feel you, goat. We really do.

In his defense, while the sign by the door plainly states No Skateboarding and No Biking, it doesn’t say a thing about the donut shop’s No Goat policy. So obviously, he was confused.

When the goat couldn’t take the hint, the employees at Tim Hortons called the police. It sounds extreme, I know. But really, try explaining to your morning manager why there’s a goat in the shop. (And why all the donuts have mysteriously disappeared — or maybe not so mysteriously, because, you know, goat.) So, we kind of get it.

After the police arrived, the goat was “arrested” and placed in a squad car, where he was just NOT having it, apparently. The upset goat (again, hangry!) caused such a fuss that the Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police went door-to-door, farm-to-farm, in search of his owners. Shockingly, no one knew the perpetrator (at least, not that they admitted), so the goat was eventually taken to an animal hospital (where we are really hoping they gave him a jelly-filled snack).

The good news is, according to the Saskatchewan RCMP’s most recent Facebook status, the goat is now safe and sound back at home. Until he decides to make another late-night donut run…