We don’t want this “Game of Thrones” theory about the finale to be true!

So, okay: despite being both a Game of Thrones fan and a bookseller, I have not read the Game of Thrones book series. I am deeply, deeply sorry, I just like watching fantasy stuff more than I like reading it. Despite this character flaw, I am aware enough of the R.R. Martin books to know that the series as a whole is called A Song of Fire and Ice. And if one thing has become increasingly evident over the course of this season, it’s that ~fire~ and ~ice~ are kind of, like, themes. Important themes. That apply to specific characters. You catch my drift?

Following Dany’s latest fiery stunt, it’s safe to say she is the “fire” of the “fire and ice” thing.


You know, like that time where she trapped all of the Dothraki leaders and then burned them alive and then stepped out of there like “LOL you thought I was lying about the fireproof thing, huh?” And then there was the moment in the latest episode, when Daario made the comment that she was a conqueror and she got that kind of crazy look in her eye and clearly loved the concept. And let’s not forget her lineage: daughter of the Mad King, who just happened to love burning people alive. Fire, fire, and more fire. Dany, girlfriend, please watch out. You seem to be embarking down a dangerous path and it’s making me nervous.

So if Dany is the Fire, who is the Ice? Um, I will give you a hint: Former “know nothing,” surname happens to generally go hand-in-hand with ice. He rose from the dead? He’s seemingly always standing in a blizzard?


Our favorite sad angel, Jon Snow. There have been hints throughout this entire season about Jon’s real parentage, and I’m hedging my bets on the following super popular fan theory, R+L=J: Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen (oldest brother of Dany). If that’s the case, then Jon would have a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros. You know, the Westeros that Dany just convinced the Dothraki and the Unsullied to help her conquer? Yikes.

Many fans are now speculating that the ultimate Fire and Ice battle is going to be between Dany and Jon Snow over the Iron Throne. Am I deeply concerned because I really, really like these two characters and I feel like Dany is Jon’s aunt and thus they should be nice to one another? Yes. I’m a wreck. Say it ain’t so, HBO!