Don’t pee in the pool! Seriously, you shouldn’t do it, and here is why

I’m convinced there’s some sort of biological link between immersing yourself in a swimming pool and instantly needing to pee. We’ve all been there. You slide down into the water and as soon as you breathe a sigh of relief at the sensation of the moisture against your skin, that familiar feeling strikes and suddenly, you’re thisclose to becoming a human sprinkler system. But here’s the thing: You definitely should not pee in the pool and this Reactions video provides all the scientific receipts you need.

It boils down to how stuff that’s hanging out on our bodies interacts with the pool treatments that keep the water safe. When dirt, lotion, sweat, and yes, urine, mix with the chemical disinfectants in pool water, they produce what’s known as disinfection byproducts (DBPs). And since researchers estimate that there are 30 to 80 milliliters of urine for every person in the pool (ew), that’s a whole lot of gross chemical interactions going on, which can lead to serious health problems like respiratory issues.

So, yeah… the thought of all of those lit summer pool parties you attended might have you feeling really icky right about now.


But to avoid post-pool party regrets in the future, simply ignore your bladder when it silently whispers to you to “let it go” and head to the nearest restroom to relieve yourself. The rest of your body will thank you.