You don’t need to feel bad about canceling your plans. Seriously

We have all made plans we didn’t want to actually keep. We’ve all texted a friend on Wednesday agreeing to drinks downtown, only to seriously regret our life choices by Friday. Why? Because sometimes going out is the worst and staying in is the absolute best.

But guess what? You don’t have to feel bad about it. Here are thirteen reasons why.

1. Making plans is a lot pressure and a lot of stress.


And that’s bad for your health.

2. You probably have a really busy schedule.


According to your DVR recordings, you are booked.

3. Everyone has a “plans and socializing with other people” quota. You’ve most likely reached yours, friend.


You’ve done your part.

4. You haven’t caught up on Walking Dead or PLL and that’s the real travesty here.


And you don’t want to be totally behind on all your shows and have the Internet ruin it for you with spoilers.

5. If you made plans, how would you be able to finish that pint of cookie dough Ben & Jerry’s and keep your cat company?


You wouldn’t be able to and that is just wrong, you cat is COUNTING ON YOU.

6. Or take that luxurious bath and finally use that Lush bath bomb you bought yourself like a year ago.


And you’ve been dreaming about that Lush bath bomb since birth, basically.

7. Or read that book that every website on planet Internet has been calling a “must-read” and “this year’s literary diamond.” I mean.


You don’t want to do the literary canon a disservice, y’know?

8. Or browse through ASOS’ sale section.


40% off just this weekend. You would be fiscally irresponsible if you didn’t do some deep-browsing, and that’s not going to happen if you go out.

9. Making plans usually means there will be alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages means calling an Uber, and like, that is so much work and much PLANNING.


Not to mention surge prices, and it’s not like you’re made of dollar bills, here.

10. After talking to other humans all day long at work, you deserve to not talk to anyone (except maybe your pizza delivery person, bless them).


Let your vocal chords recharge.

11. You can just catch up with friends on Gchat or FaceTime. That’s what it was invented for, really.


The future is now, after all.

12. And come on, you’re not ruining anyone’s life by canceling plans. You can totally reschedule.


Just because you cancelled plans doesn’t mean you’re like, “Oh goodbye forever, person. I never want to see your face every again, get out of my life.”

13. And before you feel bad, just remember: You are NOT a horrible person for wanting some me time. Me Time is important.


It’s OKAY to be selfish sometimes. Because before you can be a good friend to someone else, you have to be a good friend to YOURSELF.