Heads up, don’t bite the stars from ‘The Walking Dead’

On The Walking Dead, getting bit by Walkers is something our beloved Daryl Dixon has to avoid on the regular. As it turns out, Daryl (aka actor Norman Reedus) has gotta keep an eye out when he’s off set as well. While visiting a zombie convention, a fan succeeded in sinking her teeth into Norman. This should go without saying but guys, if you ever see a star from The Walking Dead, don’t bite them ok?

Here’s what happened. At Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, Reedus was just hanging out with some fans when a woman bit his chest . . . not cool, fan lady. Luckily, she a) wasn’t a zombie and b) didn’t do any serious damage. Reedus decided not to press charges, and he didn’t need any medical attention, according to TMZ.

But just in case you were thinking that taking a nibble out of Daryl is a good idea, Reedus shared this picture to remind everyone of some ground rules. Number one being: don’t bite people.

Ya got that? Good.

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(Image via Instagram)