This week’s ‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club MVP: Donnie and Helena, hands-down

Our fellow Orphan Black fans: Each week, we select a Clone Club MVP—that character who went above and beyond—on the most recent episode. Here’s our latest pick.

Another week of hard Clone Club MVP choices. Mrs. S stepped up and literally took the stage and Sarah used her endless determination to find the Castor original, but this week showcased the show’s best comedic pairing to date: Helena and Donnie. We were going to dedicate this week’s MVP to Donnie alone, but his strengths are magnified by Helena.

Last week, Donnie Hendrix (né Chubbs) made a valiant attempt (Key word here? Attempt) to defend his family/Alison from “Jage,” a decision that is now backfiring on him. One of JJ and Pouchy’s cronies comes to Bubbles and takes Helena’s tank of eggs, telling Donnie that Pouchy doesn’t trust Donnie anymore, so he has to return the pills they bought from him.

Donnie messes up. A lot. But part of his charm is that he tries to fix things. He may not do a very good job at it, but he tries. Donnie wants to do right by Alison and protect his family, so he teams up with Helena and he goes to return the pills and get Helena’s eggs back.

Donnie may have his issues, but he knows family when he sees it. His inclusion of Helena (when last episode he was ready to pawn her off on her other “sestras”) speaks to how important family is to him and the lengths he will go to do what is necessary for them. Even if justice happens on accident. I mean, we saw what happened to Dr. Leekie.

But we wonder: where does Donnie even comes from? Because in what world do scary drug dealers give out refunds for pills they’re forcing you to give back? Oh Donnie, you naive baby ox. “If you could see it in your heart, Mr. Pouzhino, to reimburse us for the pills, then we’d be all squared away.” Despite how terrified he must be, he’s bold. We’ll give him that. And polite.

Together, the two baby oxen get tank back (with a little Helena-as-Alison roleplay!).

Just as they’re about to leave with no pills and no money, Pouchy’s niece, Louisa, threatens Gemma and Oscar. We KNOW Helena doesn’t play that! Don’t threaten babies! She pushes Donnie out and gives the Pouzhinos some “sunshine” and “magic” (from the song she was singing earlier in the episode).

::heart eyes emoji:: All episodes of Orphan Black must now have a Donnie/Helena scene.

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