Donatella Versace’s net worth is an astonishingly large amount of money — in the *millions*

With the brand new FX series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story now airing, all eyes are on the Versace family. The show will give us a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the famed fashion designer’s murder, as well as an insider’s look at the fashion family. This just means that the Versace fortune is bound to play a part in the narrative, which got us all thinking, what is the Versace family’s net worth? And is Donatella Versace the richest of the bunch?

Since her brother’s untimely death in 1997, Donatella Versace has been the face of the fashion house, serving as both its chief designer and vice president. Prior to assuming the leadership role, she had been a key figure in elevating the brand’s name, eventually being known as Versace’s “muse and critic.”

As the longtime creative head of the esteemed brand, Donatella now has an estimated net worth of $200 million, according to a report on The Richest. If you ask us, that isn’t too shabby! Not at all! Before the Blackstone Group’s involvement with the company (they purchased a huge stake in 2014), Donatella already owned a good 20-percent share of the business. Sure, it might seem like spare change compared to her daughter Allegra’s inheritance of a 50-percent stake in the company, but with $200 million in the bank, Donatella’s doing very well for herself, thank you very much.

She also played a big part in expanding the Versace brand, venturing into accessories, hotels, home decor, and more. Currently, the entire fashion empire is now estimated to be worth an astounding $1.4 billion.

Now that’s a tremendous amount of money!

We’re sure we’ll get more than just a glimpse of the family’s wealth on American Crime Story, and we couldn’t be more excited. Edgar Ramirez will portray Gianni Versace, with Penelope Cruz playing Donatella. Other cast members include Ricky Martin, who will play Gianni’s longtime partner Antonio D’Amico, and Darren Criss, who will take on the role of Gianni’s murderer, Andrew Cunanan.