This weekend, you can donate to the ACLU just by drinking coffee

In the wake of the recent political turmoil surrounding basic human rights, more and more people are finding ways to donate to important causes. And this weekend, you can donate to the ACLU just by drinking coffee! That’s right. In the wake of the recent Muslim ban, it’s never felt more important to donate to the ACLU. Celebrities from all genres are encouraging their fans to give back.

And now we can donate to the ACLU with a simple cup of java.

Coffee blog  Sprudgeis the go-to site for reviews and information on everyone’s favorite morning beverage. And in a move we can’t help but applaud, Sprudge has partnered with coffee shops across the United States to raise funds for the ACLU. This weekend, over 530 cafes will raise money for the cause while simultaneously selling us delicious drinks. It’s a win-win.

So, how does it work?

The logistics vary from cafe to cafe. Some will set out tip jars for the ACLU, while others will donate a percentage of sales or a set dollar amount. Meanwhile, Sprudge says they will match up to $500 per cafe for select brands, and are still looking for a few major sponsors to also match donations. We’re looking at you, major coffee brands! Look at how Starbucks stepped up and promised to hire 10,000 refugees.

For a full list of shops you’ll want to spend your money at this weekend, check out the Sprudgewebsite. Now when you drink your latte, it’s not only the caffeine that will leave you feeling energized, but the knowledge that you’re doing some actual good.