Where is Donald Trump staying in LA? The nearby traffic is already terrible

If you’re in downtown LA right now, Tuesday, March 13th, there’s a chance you’re reading this while sitting in standstill traffic. There are many downtown LA street closures, and traffic is a nightmare. Why? Because Donald Trump is making his first visit to California as president on Tuesday.

According to Trump’s hour-by-hour California schedule, he will arrive at LAX at 3:35 p.m. local time. After participating in a roundtable with Republican National Committee members, which is likely taking place in Beverly Hills, he will head to his hotel in downtown LA. The schedule has him arriving at the hotel at 8:25 p.m. local time. The name of the hotel is not confirmed yet. But based on road closures and traffic, Twitter and news outlets alike have a pretty strong guess.

ABC News 7 reports that while Trump is in LA, he is rumored to be staying at the Wilshire Grand Hotel. The hotel is actually called the InterContinental Hotel. It’s part of the Wilshire Grand Center and is the tallest building in Los Angeles and all of California.

According to Variety, tenants of the Wilshire Grand Center were informed that a “VIP/high security visitor” would visit on the evening of Tuesday, March 13th. Other precautions for the mystery visitor include streets within a two-block radius of the building being closed.

A lot of streets around Wilshire and Figueroa are already closed.

Twitter users report that barricades are going up near the Wilshire Grand Hotel.

The traffic in downtown LA is SERIOUSLY bad right now.

Trump will be in the city until the morning of Wednesday, March 14th. So be sure to check Waze and the latest traffic updates before you leave the house. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck. And there’s perhaps no worse place than sitting in your car, unable to move, thinking about how terrible Trump is.

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