Donald Trump tweeted a typo, and it’s “covfefe” all over again

Donald Trump has a tricky relationship with Twitter. He tends to type whatever’s on his mind in the heat of the moment and hit send before spell-checking. Earlier this summer, he tweeted a misleading Medicaid chart that left people confused. Plus, who could forget the covfefe incident that led to hilarious covfefe memes? Well, yesterday Trump had another Twitter snafu, this time involving homophones.

During yesterday’s controversial free speech rally in Boston (and the counter-protest that ultimately broke it up), Twitter was alive with on-the-scene reports. With thousands of people joining forces to protest a white nationalism march through Boston, it was only a matter of time before Trump made a statement via Twitter. But when he finally did, it wasn’t quite what anyone was expecting.

During the course of just a few minutes on Saturday, Trump managed to make the same spelling error in not one, but two tweets.

The first version incorrectly replaced the word “heal” with “heel.”

Trump quickly deleted this troublesome Tweet and posted a new one. Unfortunately, it shared the exact same issue as its predecessor, using “heel” instead of “heal.”

On the third try, Trump finally got the tweet down correctly. However, by then the damage had been done — and Twitter wasn’t exactly inclined to forget his mistakes.

Many immediately began making jokes about the President’s propensity for impressive typos (with some bringing up the memorable “covfefe” incident that led to countless memes).

Celebrities and comedians spoke out, criticizing the typo-ridden tweets.

Of course Twitter didn’t let Trump off easy.

There were GIFs aplenty.

And, of course, a loving shoutout to President Obama.

But perhaps the best response was from the Twitter account for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which simply provided a helpful definition of a few words the President might find useful the next time he takes to Twitter.

Well played, internet. Well played.

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