Donald Trump just tweeted that he’s a “stable genius” in response to the book “Fire and Fury”

At almost an entire year into Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s a wonder that any of us can still be surprised. Yet, when Trump sits down to tweet, he can still create a trending topic like nobody’s business. Trump is now defending his mental stability, declaring himself “a very stable genius.” His comments spawn from the release of Fire and Fury, the tell-all that’s basically a burn book about the president. The book was written by Michael Wolff, a seasoned journalist who often covers controversial men in power. Fire and Fury has created quite the conversation, particularly on Twitter, Trump’s social media platform of choice.

Donald Trump just responded to the book, unleashing a bunch of tweets on the morning of Saturday, January 6th. He defended himself amidst solid questions and concerns about his mental stability. Since he was elected, and even before, many people have wondered if Trump is mentally well, and if he is actually fit to serve as President of the United States.

Donald Trump’s tweets are extremely unsettling. To defend himself against Fire and Fury, he dismissed concerns about Russian collusion and his own mental stability.

The Russian investigation is still very much happening, so the tweet already loses legitimacy. The President continued, assuring himself more than any of us, that he is fit to serve. He wrote, “….Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.”

Trump didn’t stop there. “Like, really smart” wasn’t enough for him.

We don’t actually think you’re allowed to call yourself a genius, nonetheless a stable one, but *internet shrug.*

Jokes aside, many Democrats have actually attempted to force legislation that would make it law for Trump (and future Presidents) to undergo psychological evaluation. If it saves us from war because of a tweet, we are all for it. Trump’s erratic behavior, huge lack of empathy, egotistical online rants, and unconvincing reassurance are more than concerning. They may mean he needs some kind of help. We are not here to diagnose him, but we support him undergoing some kind of evaluation that may help him and our country.

Put down the phone, Trump. You’re embarrassing all of us.

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