Saying buh-bye to Donald Trump’s Macy’s collection

If you’re late to this whole Donald Trump vs. The World ongoing saga, here’s the quick recap: Trump is running for president. During his announcement, he made some deeply offensive, discriminatory statements that nobody is tolerating. Following his comments and his unapologetic stance, Univision, canceled its telecast of Trump’s Miss America pageant. Following that, NBC completely severed all ties with him.

Today, another huge company has decided to part ways with Trump: Macy’s. You might be scratching your head like, “Macy’s? What does Donald Trump have to do with Macy’s?” Well, my friends, that’s where his clothing line, Donald J. Trump, Signature Collection®, has been housed since 2004. Or, at least that’s where it used to be housed, until earlier today when Macy’s looked at this collection and was like, “YOU’RE FIRED.” (Actually, they made an awesome statement citing their intolerance for discrimination.)

Now, we’re taking a look at this outgoing line that we didn’t know existed, and we’re like, “OMG.” It’s as if the Monopoly man, himself, designed this collection, with the help of the cast of the Wolf of Wall Street. It’s like a Halloween costume of Donald Trump, but legit. It’s like…it’s like… Well, just look at some of the standout pieces (and the descriptions!) that Macy’s has already deeply marked down.

The first page of his 3-page product line is just all shirts and ties. And shirts with ties. 

Remind you of anyone?

Let’s take a closer look at the “gold dust solid french cuff dress shirt

I mean, come on, the color of this is not just “yellow” or “light yellow” or “custard” but gold dust. And that tie? Sorry, but it totally evokes the thought of tons and tons of gold bars, like something you’d find in a vault during a bank-heist movie. Also, his shirts are non-iron, which means they’re wrinkle-free—the key to any man’s success. Also did you notice the classy business-like description of the shirt and perfectly placed “rich” in the copy above? Just wow.

What’s this? Just some DOLLAR SIGN CUFFLINKS

This is what happens when Trump designs cufflinks.

Even more bling-bling: A dollar sign tie-tack

Being a lady, I can’t say I come across too many situations where I need to clip my tie to my three-piece suit. Basically, that’s what a tie-tack is. It clips your tie to your suit, so while you’re off making business deals and buying up land over-seas your tie doesn’t get in the way of your work. And if you’re wearing one with a dollar sing on it, oh boy, people probably just sign over their corporations to you.

If you’re looking to drape yourself in elegance: Tahitian pearl natte tie

I Googled Tahitian pearls so you don’t have to, and they’re black pearls, aka, rare pearls, aka expensive pearls. You know how people buy pearls? With money. And you know where they keep their money?

DJT Money Clips!

One of those is actually a tie clip. So many clips.

So there you have it. Time to bid a great big adieu to this line (go ahead, check out all 89 items first), which is currently on sale for 15%-20% off. Get these items while they’re hot, you guys. Who knows when another majestic line of clothing with the underlying theme of “money-businessman” will come along.

(Images via Macy’s)

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