Donald Trump Jr. used Halloween to teach his daughter about…socialism?

For kids, Halloween night is filled with fun, friends, and sugar. But for Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter, a “socialism” lesson clouded her Halloween fun. The president’s son tweeted out a photo of his daughter Chloe, dressed as an adorable police officer, and educated the American public about what socialism is all about — or tried to, anyway.

Trump Jr. told his followers that he would take half of Chloe’s candy and give it to another kid who “sat at home” and didn’t trick-or-treat (presumably in an attempt to illustrate that socialized policies are about giving “handouts” to “lazy” people…which many would argue is inaccurate in the first place). And Twitter users were quick to point out that this act wouldn’t necessarily be teaching Chloe anything about socialism.

Many argued that she would actually just be sharing her candy, which is a good thing that all kids should learn. And in fact, going door-to-door receiving candy from hard-working people who decided to share is kind of a socialist act in and of itself. So it could be argued that Chloe is the socialist in this metaphor.

Also, using Halloween — arguably the happiest night in a kid’s life — to educate a small child about economic systems seems a bit dramatic. But hey, that’s just our opinion.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter floodgates to open and the questions to fly.



Some argued that those kids “who sat at home” were perhaps unable to trick-or-treat because of a medical condition or problems at home.

And if Chloe did give her candy to those kids, she would be helping those in need and making the world a little better for everyone…doesn’t sound so terrible.


If Trump Jr.’s tweet has taught us anything (besides what socialism isn’t), it’s that Twitter is always at the ready to poke holes in our statements. So think, then post.

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