So Donald Trump is apparently offended by Jay Z, FYI

Okay, so we’re pretty used to Donald Trump saying offensive things throughout this election campaign, but the tables are turning apparently.

Yup! New York Magazine let us know that Trump is apparently offended by Jay Z’s profanity; specifically the rappers’ use of the N-word and F-word during his performance in Ohio at a Hillary fundraiser.

It’s hard to believe Trump would be legitimately offended by anything, given numerous quotes from recent debates (“nasty woman,” anyone?). Then there’s the fact that he bragged about groping women to Billy Bush (and famously called the incident “locker room talk”), leading his candidacy to affect every sexual assault survivor in a physically sickening way.

 So what’s the deal with him reacting to something out of Jay Z’s mouth, exactly? When it comes to Trump, we might never know. But at one of his rallies in Florida, he expressed his concern.

“I actually like Jay Z, but the language last night, ohhhh…I was thinking, maybe I’ll just try — should I use that language for one of mine?

Of course, Trump couldn’t resist taking a stab at Hillary.

"So, he used every word in the book last night. [...] He used language last night that was so bad, and then Hillary said, ‘I did not like Donald Trump’s lewd language.’ My lewd language?…I’ve never said what he said in my life! But that shows you the phoniness of politicians."

Given everything lewd we know Trump has said in the past, this is extremely unsettling. It’s also encouraging the internet to make games of the news cycle: false

If you can stomach it, here’s Trump’s speech about Jay Z.

He’s trying to come off as the model citizen here, but somehow…he’s still the same guy who said those terrible things.