Why Donald Trump’s hair is…Donald Trump’s hair, according to a hairdresser

When it comes to Donald Trump, we have a lot of questions about him — namely, regarding everything he says/does, and why. BUT, there’s also the matter of That Hair. You know That Hair. You’ve seen That Hair. It’s a sandy sweep, a perpetual motion machine bolted in place, the subject of countless odes and asides. Is it a toupée? A combover? A hair-peppered bald cap? Well, Quartz asked a hairdresser to investigate, and her conclusions finally close the case of Trump’s hair.

According to hair expert Caroline Mitgang, the issue isn’t that Trump doesn’t have enough hair, but rather that his hair grows in a particularly aggressive direction: Forward. She compares it to George Clooney’s ’90s cut, in which the hair grows like a stiff little beak above the forehead, and in Trump’s case, the hair is so long that it has to then be side-swept to prevent it from basically being a giant blonde bangs curtain.

For a clearer look, let’s take a look at the side:

You’ll notice that the hair originates from farther back and then cliffs off, lending credence to Mitgang’s theory. Then there’s this shot, when Trump pulls back at his hairline:

That, to my untrained eyes, sure looks like real hair, at a respectably forward hairline. If he were to sweep it back, it’d probably look like one of those trendy men’s haircuts with the hair pomaded into a light wave — but instead, he lets it hang and sweep forward and out, leading to his now-signature feathery poof look.

This explanation doesn’t mean we won’t still talk about That Hair. Bwhahahahaaha.

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